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How it started
I used to think Vonage was pretty cool. Then I realized it was the technology VoIP that was cool. Vonage on the other hand was just a company reaping the rewards of VoIP while screwing their customers by providing Terrible Support, Poor Quality, and Horrible Service. I began using Vonage in late 2004 and had issues with poor quality but gave them the benefit of the doubt because it was still a relatively new technology. When I had a problem I would call their tech support which was horrible, but I figured they hadn't expected this kind of "revolution" and were overwhelmed. When I had billing issues they were never accommodating. Over the next year and a half I began to have lower and lower expectations and eventually gave up on getting any kind of support whether it be for billing, technical issues, or general questions. Then one day when I called in to straighten out yet another billing issue, I realized their service hadn't gotten any better. In fact it had gotten worse. I felt this was unacceptable. And if I felt this way, I knew other people felt this way. So I decided to start this website. Incidentally, the first name that came to mind was but it was already registered. Guess by who? Yep! Vonage Holdings. Guess they know they suck after all (they also own

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*Note: Opinions and ideas expressed in postings on are soley those of the poster.